{ 2/30 things – real fears }

This week’s 30 Things is…
Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

1.  Something happening to my children.
This is my number one fear.  Sometimes I just want to wrap my children up and keep them home forever.  When horrible events like the ones of this past week happen it just adds another layer to it.  And it doesn’t matter if it’s their feelings either.  My daughter is just like me when I was her age and she takes everything to heart.  We’ve dealt with our fair share of hurt feelings this year and it’s hard as her mom to not just “fix” it for her.  I know that deep down I can’t protect them from everything but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to try.

2.  Absolutely anything to do with snakes.
I almost had a full blown panic attack a few weeks ago when my husband called to tell me that he was getting a snake from a friend.  I freaked out to the point where I was physically ill.  It’s a probably a irrational fear as well because I’ve never been around actual snake for any amount of time.  I’ve never had one run across my feet in the garden (my neighbor did though) or even touched one.  My earliest memory of the fear is when I was in elementary school and for some reason there was presentation in our classroom about animals and the speaker actually put the snake on the floor and let it crawl around the desks.  I couldn’t even walk on that part of the floor for days with out it creeping me out.  If I would have been in Harry Potter’s shoes we would have lost the battle as soon as that huge snake started crawling across the ground.

English: Amelanistic Stripe Corn Snake
 The snake in question… Corn Snake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3.  Making a bad decision.  
Not a bad decision like “those pants do not match that shirt”, but those decisions that have ramifications that can have consequences for perhaps years to come.  Actually, I even have problems with the decisions that are even on the smaller side.  “Is this the right punishment?”, “What kind of tv should we buy?” and “Is he the best dentist?” are just some things that I’ve had to think about lately.  Once I make the decision I stand behind it but I’ll still second guess myself in my head for a long time.  

What are your fears?

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2 thoughts on “{ 2/30 things – real fears }

  1. I fear something happening to my daughter all the time or to me leaving her without me. I never want that to happen. Snakes….I had to scroll really fast past that photo. ughhhh I hate them.

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