{ bookish confessions }

I have some confessions to make.  Bookish concessions that is.  In all my years of reading books I’ve picked up a few I guess you could say…habits.  They say confession is good for the soul so today I’d like to share some of my bookish confessions.

My number one confession.  Before I bought my Kindle I was so guilty of this.  I would pre-order the book on Amazon (long before I had Amazon Prime) and stalk the UPS website, watching it travel across the country to me.  Also in the meantime I would end up making a trip to the store for everyday needs and…end up going down the book aisle and buying the book that I was waiting for.  So true.  And I’d usually have it read before the Amazon copy showed up.

Confession number two.  I love my series books.  I also love to have them looking the same.  Sometimes I won’t start reading a series until book #2 or even #3 and most of the time it is a paperback copy.  Of course, when a new book is released it’s usually a hardcover.  So now I have a paperback and a hardcover side-by-uneven side.  I’ve spent an insane amount of time tracking down hardcover copies of early books.  Insane.
My Good Reads to-be-read shelf is only about two-thirds of the books I want to read.  The list of books that I have that haven’t gotten around to reading is almost as long.  Does that make me a book hoarder?  I buy books when they are on sale or released and some I read immediately (Nora Roberts or BDB) and some I wait until the mood strikes.  I like to balance my happily-ever-after books with my tearjerkers otherwise my poor mind can’t take it
I do, I do and I’m so sorry that I do.  Not always in a bad way though.  But sometimes I do.  Sometimes I’m drawn to a book by it’s cover.  The design or the colors, sometimes even both, will catch my eye and I’ll buy it.  And it swings the other way too.  A bad cover can stop me from picking up a book.  One that’s a little too cheesy or one that’s just too amateur looking.  It’s a habit that I try to break because I’ve missed out on a few good books this way.
This one goes hand in hand with my earlier confession of having to have all the books of a series match.  I take this compulsion one step further and have EVERY version of some of my favorite books.  For example I have multiple copies of the Harry Potter series, the Black Dagger Brotherhood and the Twilight series.  I’m pretty sure I’m a book hoarder.
What are your bookish confessions?


6 thoughts on “{ bookish confessions }

  1. Love these! I'm with you on so many of them. I definitely judge a book by its cover, which is what makes ebooks so hard! And I love having physical copies of books I LOVE too. šŸ™‚

  2. We all have those little quirks don't we? I too like all the books within a series to be of matching cover… This can be a drawn out process for me because I prefer paperback books over hardback and they take time to come out. Also, if I find a book I really love and it happens that I bought it as an ebook… I have to buy a paperbook copy. Not always straight away, but it will make its way in to my collection. A great post idea.

  3. Ah I don't even know where to start with these, I do so many of them too. I'm TERRIBLE about judging a book by it's cover, although I've gotten better with my Nook when I learned how to download and replace the cover art with whatever cover I liked best. I also need all of a series at once and my TBR list would take me YEARS to get through!

  4. šŸ™‚ I do like to have the same covers too but price does come into it for me especially if I can get the same book substantially cheaper I will get the odd cover. Now I have my iPad I only buy real books from authors I adore as some of them do not have ebooks out so I can only get the paperback. I am even considering replacing my books with ebooks when the totally fall apart as I love rereading my books. And now our local library has ebooks I have bought nothing new for ages.

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