{ characters i have a crush on, otherwise known as my book boyfriends }

Top Ten Tuesday over at The Broke and the Bookish is about characters I would have a crush on if I was a fictional character as well.

Oh man was this a hard one. Most of the books I read have heroes that are seriously crush worthy. Instead of top ten I could give you top twenty, fifty or even a hundred. But ten is a nice round number and the name of the linkup so we’ll stop there.

In no particular order…

Roarke – In Death Series

Ok, I take that back. The rest are in no particular order but Roarke will always be number one. If this guy could come to life I would give up Coke and chocolate for life. Seriously. He loves his Eve and is never afraid to show it to her and others. It doesn’t matter that he owns more of the planet and off-planet as well, he’s Roarke. And don’t get me started on his Irish accent.

Rhage – Lover Eternal

I will always love Zsadist as my favorite brother of all time but if there was one to have a crush on it would be Rhage or “Hollywood”.  I think J.R. Ward has a crush on him too because Rhage always gets the best lines too.

Simon Parker – Wallbanger

Yeah, Simon doesn’t start off in the best light at the beginning of the book but he grows on you.  His funny texts and silly conversations with Caroline are downright adorable.

Finn Riley – Private Scandals

This book came out years and years ago but I can still remember the first time I read about Finn Riley.  He was older, handsome, had a cool job and a killer smile.  He’s the kind of crush you remember years later.

Jack Carter – The Perfect Game

Everyone at sometime crushes on the bad boy and I’m no exception.  Jack Carter is the ultimate sports bad boy and watching him become a man to love as well is a heart-tugging story.

Troy Trueheart – Portrait in Death

Does it get any more sweet than Officer Troy Trueheart?  He smiles, he blushes and doesn’t kiss and tell.

Bennett Ryan – Beautiful Bastard

Again with the bad boys!  Although Bennett begins the story as a bastard and kinda stays that way, I’d have a crush on anyone with that smile.

Jack Sheridan – Virgin River

If I walked into Jack’s bar and was met with his sweet smile, I’d never want to leave too.  And with a big heart to go along with it…yup, a goner.

The McKays – Rough Riders

I don’t care which one.  All of them.  Cowboys and smooth-talkers?  The McKays have it in spades.  I’m not picky but if I had a first choice it would be Colt.  Or Cord.  Never mind.

Jack Pallas – Something About You

 It’s something about a man in a uniform for me.  Although Jack doesn’t wear a real uniform, I guess I’ll say it’s a man with a badge.  He’s rough and tough but yet so caring.  But not in the sappy way.

Do you have any book boyfriends?

Linking up with The Broke and the Bookish for Top Ten Tuesday


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